Grab A Moment

Grab A moment:

Howdy friends,

Really, there is so much to do in our semi-rural abode:

In truth, there is too much to do.

At times, we have got the next thing planned before we have done what we are doing.

This may seem strange to some people, but we seriously have to be meticulous in everything we do.

I mean, everything!

You see, life, for me, as a total blind man, and a double transplant recipient, having to self catheterise eight times a day, mustn’t be handled clumsily!

Not forgetting my endless medication.

And my daily routine of blood pressure, body temperature, weight, wound dressing, and so on.

Well, as you can imagine, life for Rachel is quite busy.

She hardly has time to grab a cuppa, and find a comfy seat, before she is caught up in something or other.

I guess you’ve been there.

Still, at least three times a week, Rachel takes time out to go for a leisurely country walk.

A part from doing some chores along the way, and breathing in the fresh air, she often takes in the blessings around her.

It’s at times like this when she likes to be alone for prayer, with eyes wide open as to not miss anything.

Just picture her strolling alongside the sunlit fields, talking with heavenly Pa.

Such a precious moment.



Oh, yeah, admittedly, life is busy for everyone.

You know, everyone!

We hurry along.

Our lives get consumed with the busyness.

We fail to take time out.

Then, we discover, time has run out!

The day is over.

The night has gone.

A new day begins.

The rhythm of life goes on and on.

Hey, listen!

Many things demand our attention.

We often wear ourselves out with stress and strain while attending to them.

But, we need to find a place of peace and quiet.

Sure, we need to be in Pa’s presence.

Only, there is no need to be concerned about “where and when.

And no need to be uneasy about the conversation.

Just say.

Speak to Him in a way that is fresh, impulsive, but comfortable.

Then, wait for Pa’s response.

Grab a moment.

Look around you.

Receive His blessings.

Acknowledge with thanks!

Come, engage in the conversation and make it part of life.

Why, it’s only then that you will see change.

Remember, strength comes from Pa, and you can experience such strength if you spend time with Him.

Now, may this intimacy with Pa lift you up today.

Oh, yes!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

Meet David.

Meet Rachel.

Committed to loving God and loving people.

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