Fields Of Life

Fields Of Life. .

A story of living, energetic hope: abundant freedom: courage: and cascading grace:


In this section you will find Our Story – “Fields Of Life” – which has been arranged in short chapters.

Fields Of Life is a story of God’s faithfulness through struggles with multiple health issues, living with blindness, being a recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant, coping with events – having extremely unfortunate consequences, and walking a journey of faith.

So, drop everything you’re doing, grab a cuppa, find a comfy seat, and begin to read.

And as you do so, we hope God will bless you and cause you to be encouraged by our experiences.

This page has the following sub-pages:-


Ch.1. The Schedule.

Ch.2. Whisper Of God.

Ch.3. Challenging Years.

Ch.4. Living On The Edge.

Ch.5. Three Days Left.

Ch.6. Enigma.

Ch.7. The Car Crash.

Ch.8. In My Sorrow.

Ch.9. Moving Forward.

Ch.10. The Next Step.

Ch.11. From Strength To Strength.

Ch.12. Future Filled With Hope.

Ch.13. Bumpy Road.

Ch.14. Uncomfortable Season.

Ch.15. Learning To Dream Again.

Ch.16. Steady In The Storm.

Ch.17. Different Seasons.

Psalm Ninety-one.

Ch.18. Finding Hope, Encouragement & Comfort.

The Last Chapter

“If we are open to God, He will speak to us through the seasons of life: the dawn chorus, a brass band, a childs lullaby, a note in a symphony, and even the silence.”

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – Hearty Neighbour – and Internet Pastor.

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