Welcome to the Website of David Prince

David Passed away in May 2018, having spent a life time dealing with health issues and disabilities.

The last chapter of Davids Story has just been added, you can find it here.

This website is a celebration of his life and our hope is that it will be a source of encouragement to you.

David has an incredible and uplifting story and you can read it here – click Fields of Life on the menu.

David also wrote a series of encouraging messages over several years – these can be found here: E-word Communicator or on the menu at the right.

An e-word will be featured on this page each month:

God Is Good.

God Is Good: He crowns my life with loving kindness. Only God Almighty, the Creator, could design and establish the extraordinary World we live in. One glance at creation, with its balance of power and beauty, is a display of God’s accomplishment. Yet, when we look around at the World today, we are daily faced… Read more God Is Good.