Welcome to the Website of David Prince

David Passed away in May 2018, having spent a life time dealing with health issues and disabilities.  Sadly David’s father, Anthony has since passed away April 14th 2020.

The last chapter of David’s Story can be found here.

This website is a celebration of his life and our hope is that it will be a source of encouragement to you.

David had an incredible and uplifting story and you can read it here – click Fields of Life on the menu.

David also wrote a series of encouraging messages over several years – these can be found here: E-word Communicator or on the menu at the right.

The future of this website…

We hope you find it helpful, but some time soon it will stop working due to technical limitations.

As a blind computer user David created and updated this site himself by using text markup codes for headings, lists and links to other pages.  e.g. he could type “H1.” to create a title line. 
The software plugin module that enabled him to do this is no longer supported or updated and only works now by using an older version of the website software (PHP).
Unfortunately this issue cannot be easily fixed, which means once the older version of PHP is withdrawn, the formatting on the site will eventually break down.