Another Unique Perspective

Wide-eyed Wonder

Wide-eyed Wonder: WHO IS THE GREATEST? Dear Self, Hey, you’re feeling great! In reality, you couldn’t feel any better. You’ve reached your goals. In regard to academic matters you’ve gained much. You’ve fantasized grandiose plans: Designed your own T-shirt and successfully marketed it. You know your theology and have read your own books. You hold… Read more Wide-eyed Wonder

The Emotional Connection

The Emotional Connection: Hello one and all, Just envisage the emotion caused by so much drama. It all began when we were aroused at the first light of day by an alarm call: A very vocal rooster. Through the 14 years of living in the village we had become use to a similar sound. However,… Read more The Emotional Connection

Holy Banquet

Holy Banquet: Hello everybody, Oh, how refreshing it is: The bliss that brings us face-to-face with heavenly Father. He leads us into a banquet room and looks at us with love. Why? He loves to have a get together with His children. Sure-enough, He loves us beyond words. And He longs for our relationship to… Read more Holy Banquet

Unstoppable Love

Unstoppable Love: ON AND ON: Hello there, As the sun begins to sink below the horizon a new dawn breaks on the other side of the globe. Repeatedly, the daily cycle goes on and on: Over and over again. And as each day brims over with extravagant love, God reaches us right where we are.… Read more Unstoppable Love

When We First Met

When We First Met: PRINCELY LOVE: Howdy friends, Remembering the moment when Rachel and I first met. I had been preaching in the old Ebeneezer Chapel, Pengam. I am sure God clapped His hands when this gorgeous young woman fell into my life. You could almost sense the Holy Trinity jumping up and down with… Read more When We First Met