When I Am Weak

When I Am Weak: Howdy friends, The hardest part of suffering chronic kidney disease is the realisation that it never stops. It requires great physical and mental effort to accomplish and comprehend. It’s a never-ending story. For me, one that’s spans over 30 years. And one that shouldn’t be trivialised! Right from acknowledging signs in… Read more When I Am Weak


Salt-R-Us: Howdy friends, In the middle of July Rachel and I decided to take a short break from our run-of-the-mill activities in order to relax. However, it wasn’t long before I set about endeavouring to regain a former condition after sickness. Suddenly, our time for leisure and pleasure turned to recovery. The reason for my… Read more Salt-R-Us

Purple Surprises

Purple Surprises: Howdy precious friends, Personally, if we had a garden full of wild flowers, seriously, that would make my day. So, simply come with me: Picture a powerful exhibit of red, orange, yellow, blue and black wispy stemmed poppies: Accompanying some white foxgloves: . And, our favourite, delicate bright yellow buttercups. What a dream!… Read more Purple Surprises