And so, after my tenth admission into hospital within six months, I’m now home.

I’m so glad to be home.

It all began when I developed a dry cough.

I was beginning to loose a lot of weight. Too much weight!

I became very fatigued.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, as I had been warned that this could be a result of having received treatment in intensive care, a high dependency unit and other wards.

And so, I continued to be drained of energy and effectiveness.

I was extremely tired.

I’d become completely exhausted

Anyhow, due to dehydration, I needed intravenous fluids – given to me over 2 days – 9 litres in total.

In retrospect, it seemed that I may have caught a mystery something or other, which appeared to clear by itself, but left my creatinine quite high, too high.

As a consequence of last years kidney stones, an ultrasound scan was needed, to rule out any blockage in my kidney transplant.

Everything looked clear.

So, a transplant biopsy was considered, as kidney failure was suspected, but in the end the biopsy wasn’t needed.

My kidney function is much better now, but not as good as it was initially.

It turns out that I had suffered an acute kidney injury.

The cause still remains a mystery!

Consultants are still scratching their heads.

You know, life, at times can be like that.

Things can happen in an uninterrupted way, and we ponder why.

But, for us as Christians, we can have this confidence:

God, our heavenly Papa, still has a plan for us.

It’s not over till He says so.

He’s going to turn things around for us.

Our best days are ahead.

Say yes!

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