Jumping The Gun

Jumping The Gun!:

It could be quite easy for any of us to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it.

It can happen in the family home, at school, or in the work place.

Yet, it’s in my ministry experience, where I’ve noticed those who have raced ahead.

For example, I can remember quite clearly, when, on more than one occasion, an assembly of friends were encouraged to extend their tent pegs.

In other words, enlarge their house.

But, as an alternative, they quickly moved from where they were to a different location, then acquired a building, and for a while the building became their only focus.

Sadly, because of the work load, some became burnt-out.

Many were exhausted as a result of long-time stress!

Others began to loose faith.

In place of fruitfulness, they encountered emptiness.

You see, they had an emphasis shift.

But come, listen up!

When we read the encouragement from scripture in context, it’s all about family increase.

Yep, that’s right!

It’s all about children.

Today, this is, perhaps, where our focus should be:

Changing lives.

Reaching children.

Building hope.

All the same, instead of waiting for our heavenly Papa to reveal His plan and purpose, we race ahead, since we think we know best!

Consequently, we are unable to act on what God has said.

We give little or no attention to His guidance.

We try to make things happen.

We take on more than we can handle!

And on account of our lack of insight, children “are” neglected.

Now, I know that we are all at different stages of faith – getting to know, or becoming aware of the Holy Spirit.

But once the Holy Spirit reveals that dream or vision, we “must” wait for Papa to give the go ahead.

I cannot underline this enough!

It’s imperative that we wait for Papa.

Only He can make that dream happen.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t put things in order in advance of some act or purpose.

Of course, we should prepare!

Sometimes, however, there’s a fine line between stepping out in faith and jumping the gun.

And so, dear friends, before you race ahead, let me encourage you to find the heart of Papa.

Listen carefully.

Learn daily.

Live intentionally.

Look vigorously.

Say yes!

Then, run with Papa.

Run for the children.

See them grow in leaps and bounds.

Soak up the experience.

Oh, yes!

Yes, yes, yes!

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