Simply Waiting

Simply Waiting:

We went from the door of one house to that of the next.

We omitted no one!

Or so we thought!

But then, on completing the evangelistic survey in the small town in South Wales, one neighbour said, “I would love to come – only, I’m simply waiting for an invitation.”

An invitation?

Why hadn’t he received an invitation?


Such an unintentional omission!

I guess sometimes, it’s so easy to focus on everything but the solution.

Where was his invitation?

You see, invitations not only build anticipation and excitement, but guest expectations as well.

Yet, some guests, for one reason or another aren’t always able to attend.

This doesn’t mean they should be overlooked or ignored!

And this shouldn’t mean that we couldn’t possibly invite them, as they wouldn’t come anyhow!

How dare we take upon ourselves – act presumptuously, without permission!

But rather, guests should know that they are thought of and welcome.

And even if we are very certain they wouldn’t be able to attend, it’s a lovely thought to receive an invitation anyway.

Agree? Agree!

Think about it!

The decision to accept or refuse to accept is in their hands, and in their hands alone!

The choice is up to them!

But admittedly, those “friends” we invite don’t always rise to the occasion.

Some make up excuses.

You know how it goes.

One may say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I just bought some property, and I need to go and inspect it.

Please excuse me.”

Another could say, “So sorry. I just bought some new wheels. I need to go and check them out.

Please excuse me.”

And yet another might say, “I just got married, so I can’t come.”

It seems that everyone is paying not a whit of attention.

The excuse and reasons go on and on!

Christian, if this happens, don’t feel dejected!

Instead, consider this God-given idea:

Go to the street corners and busiest intersections and invite anyone you find – invite everyone you meet.

Rich and poor, good and bad, high and low, sick and well.

Invite the unusual person, those unable to adapt to their circumstances.

The disadvantaged.

The vulnerable.

Then, go out to the country lanes and “bring in” the “complete strangers” you discover there.

Yep! Strangers!

Invite the strangers too!

Once done, you’ll find the event practically bursting with guests.

Now, that’s a thought!

All the same, some people, like “your” neighbour, are still waiting for their invitation.

Others are simply waiting for us to build-up hope.

After-all, how can they come if nobody invites them?

How can they hear if nobody tells them?


In this coming year, make some new friends.

Invite them to the event.

And, always remember to be thankful when they come.

Say yeah!

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Last Modified: 30 December 2013.

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