Warming Hearts

Warming Hearts:

God’s glory is on tour in the skies, God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.

Madame Day holds classes every morning, Professor Night lectures each evening.

Their words aren’t heard, their voices aren’t recorded, But their silence fills the earth: unspoken truth is spoken everywhere.

God makes a huge dome for the sun-a superdome!

The morning sun’s a new husband leaping from his honeymoon bed, The daybreaking sun an athlete racing to the tape.

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, Melting ice, scorching deserts, warming hearts to faith.

Psalm 19:1-6

The Message.

Messages From The E-word Communicator:

In everything we do, God deserves glory. He deserves praise. What’s more, He deserves our ardent love!

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Daily Lifestyle.

Overwhelmed by the Father’s love. He fills me with hope.

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Dancing On The Duvet.

Now, place your trust in God. Rely on Him completely. Give Him the credit for everything you accomplish.

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