No Discrimination

No Discrimination:

In Acts 2, Fisherman Pete reminds the gathered crowd about the God-given words uttered by Joel.

Here goes:

God says, “Your children will boldly speak the word of the Lord.

Young warriors will see visions, and your elders will “dream” dreams.

Yes, in those days I shall offer My Spirit to all servants, both male and female, and they will boldly speak My word.”

You see, young warriors, elders, sons, daughters, servants, male and female both – everyone had a role or function in the very young Christian Community.

And even in this generation, God has an unique identity, a purpose for everyone.

So, one could ask, how can we satisfy the needs of today?

What can we do or say?

Well, our strength and prowess is not enough!

But wait!

Simply note this, like a serving of new wine, God gives His Spirit to all.

And this is the point, no one is left out.

Not even those who have little to no status in the eyes of the world.

No, not one!

God pours a spirit of grace over us.

He saturates us with His love.

He fills us with His life, and looks us full in the face.

Everyone who calls, “Help, God!” gets help.

Friends, we need to remember this, as whoever calls on His name, will be liberated into God’s freedom and peace.

There’s no discrimination!

And here’s a special point:

The text says, your elders will “dream” dreams.

I like to reinterpret it as, your elders will “live” dreams.

Now, how about that?

Elders, living the dream!

A God-sized dream. Not small, but big!!

Oh yes!

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction at seeing ones dream fulfilled.

Epic stuff!

As for the current young warriors – they gradually make sense of their God-inspired visions – raising us to a higher energy level.

What an impact!

So, each of us, let’s begin to live the life God made us for!

Let’s become that unstoppable force – audacious, bold, and courageous!

Hey, come-on everybody!

Drink deeply, and then, as the Spirit empowers, speak words of life.

Say yeah!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

This E-word is inspired, partly, by the reading of a Blog on the Christian Vision for Men web pages.

I Blame The Cheese – by Roger Leitch.

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Acts 2:17-18

Ezekiel 39:29

Joel 2:28-29

Romans 10:12-13

Zechariah 4:6

Zechariah 12:10

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