Evidence Of Grace

Coming from a very hot England.

Evidence Of Grace:

Recently, Rachel and I got into the routine of juicing our fruit and vegetables.

That is, we have a glass of home produced fruit-juice with our breakfast, then our main meal of the day at noon, followed by a glass of home produced vegetable-juice at around 3 o’clock, then a light bite or sandwich at 5 o’clock, and that’s it for the day.

As you can see, we’ve got into the habit of having our meals at fixed times, never eating after 6 o’clock in the evening, and it’s working well for us.

As a matter of fact, juicing can be an exciting accompaniment to a meal or in between meals.

Coinciding with this, we’ve done some research into what fruits, or what vegetables benefit us the most.

For instance, water melon and celery are alleged to be good for lowering blood pressure, while beetroot is great for enduring strength and energy, and is particularly good for competitive cyclists.

[Not that we’re going to be doing any competitive cycling anytime soon!

But one can dream!]

Meanwhile, cabbage is extraordinarily good for the stomach, a recommended juice for every day.

Apples help to bring down cholesterol, clean-up ones digestive system and give a boost to the immune system.

Tomatoes are great for our health, they lower our risk of cancer, and are good for the heart.

As for strawberries, well, they help our cardiovascular system.

And so the list goes on.

Sure-enough, it’s amazing how beneficial and nutritious juicing can be.

No wonder the powers-that-be want us to have our five-a-day!

Anyhow, we’ve had great fun trying out various combinations. For example, yesterday afternoon we made some celery, carrot, and tomato juice.

And early this morning to compliment our breakfast, we made up some melon, pear and raspberry juice, and even if I say so myself, both juices were delicious!

As for this afternoon, we’ve just guzzled some cabbage, broccoli, celery, and spinach with added carrot and lemon which made a super psychedelic juice.



And yes, apparently, very colourful!

Anyway, since undergoing surgery to remove two types of cancer 18 months ago, and because I’m still susceptible to various cancers, we’ve adopted a Mediterranean type appetite as part of our life-style, so it will be interesting to note the added benefits juicing will make.

But you know, we can put all our effort into looking after the body, yet, often times we neglect other life principles!

So what about our character?

And our quality?


Our inside, and out?

And so this got me a thinking.

We don’t find sweet, delicious grapes growing on thorny bushes, do we?

We don’t find delectable figs growing in the midst of prickly thistles.

You see, people and their lives are like trees.

Good trees bear beautiful, tasty fruit, but bad trees bear ugly, bitter fruit!

Still, consider this, God, the Holy Spirit produces a different kind of fruit – unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kind-heartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

God wants us to gain and experience this kind of new character.

He wants us to gradually grow and progress in quality.

He wants us to undergo a change of integrity.

Both inside and out!

And this is the point, does the world really recognize us by our fruit?

Surely, if love is the language of grace, fruit is the evidence.

What a thought!

Good trees bear beautiful, tasty fruit.

What a heritage!

So much stuff that determines our actions and reactions.

For as our relation with God develops, the output is bound to be abundant.

Simple, yet profound!

Interlocked and interacting with Him.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m off to cool-down before my character ferments!


[By the way, we recommend getting a professional whole fruit power juicer.]


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Last modified 22 July 2013.

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