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When We First Met

When We First Met: PRINCELY LOVE: Howdy friends, Remembering the moment when Rachel and I first met. I had been preaching in the old Ebeneezer Chapel, Pengam. I am sure God clapped His hands when this gorgeous young woman fell into my life. You could almost sense the Holy Trinity jumping up and down with… Read more When We First Met


Soap-box: THOUGHT TO PONDER: Howdy friends, We all have opinions. I have opinions. You probably have your own. But when we insist on pressing our points of view, instead of drawing people closer we push them away. Some have the notion that only what they have to say counts. Others assume because someone well-known or… Read more Soap-box

Just Do It!

Just Do It!: LOVE EXTRAVAGANTLY: Howdy friends, I am sure that I am not alone with this. Perhaps you are in a similar position right now. Becoming aware of the practice of someone being unjust or unfair. Whether done inadvertently or deliberately it feels bad! Sadly, it is a frequent occurrence. I mean, how often… Read more Just Do It!

A Love Gift

A Love Gift: QUESTION OF MOTIVE: Howdy friends, I’m not going to go into great detail as it’s not necessary. However, in recent days Rachel and I were desperately in need of a particular something. Amazingly, circumstances of the day enabled others to meet our need. For this reason we believe it was a God-given… Read more A Love Gift

In His Grip

In His Grip: Howdy there, Friends come and go. Promises are made and sometimes broken. You are seemingly left in the dark. Everything is falling apart. You may feel hopeless. You may think you are under-valued. Yet let me mention something of great significance. No one can steal you from out of God’s hand. He… Read more In His Grip