When We First Met

When We First Met:


Howdy friends,

Remembering the moment when Rachel and I first met.

I had been preaching in the old Ebeneezer Chapel, Pengam.

I am sure God clapped His hands when this gorgeous young woman fell into my life.

You could almost sense the Holy Trinity jumping up and down with positive glee.

What an alignment!

My heart certainly skipped with emotion.

Suppressing my joy wasn’t easy.

But then, a light-radiant cloud enveloped my mind.

And so, I acknowledged the introduction with a delicate hand-shake.

A communicative interaction took place.

We made a connection.

Sure-enough, something tangible happened that day.

Had I found new love?

Was she the one for me?

Perhaps a glimpse of sunrise glory!

Such hope.


Anyhow, at the heart of our story, within 30 months we made a perpetual promise.

Many years later, day after day, that love continues to grow.

We know everything about each other.

And we are still passionately in love with each other.

We have never lost that fervency.

Glowing like fire.

Showing great warmth and affection.

We love each other so much.

We do want the very best for each other.

Keeping our relationship with heavenly Pa firm!

Today it’s great to focus on how far we have come and the progress we have made.

Oh, my!

She is the one for me!

My rock!

Once marked by a lack of confidence.

Now strong, stable and dependable.

My precious Rachel!

Beautiful inside and out.

My joy and crown!

Making sure there is always tea and coffee.

An abundant supply.

At all times, all the time and on every occasion.


She is mine.

And I am hers.


Praise be!


Somebody say amen!

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