Just Do It!

Just Do It!:


Howdy friends,

I am sure that I am not alone with this.

Perhaps you are in a similar position right now.

Becoming aware of the practice of someone being unjust or unfair.

Whether done inadvertently or deliberately it feels bad!

Sadly, it is a frequent occurrence.

I mean, how often have you seen someone walk on the other side?


I wonder what the Good Samaritan would make of it!

Still, wait!

How many times have “you” failed to notice someone yourself?

Sure, I must examine myself here.

And so, this is my appeal to one and all.

Let’s begin to raise the status of those who have been short-changed in life.

Dignify those who are down on their luck.


It’s criminal to ignore a neighbour in need.

But God blesses everyone who is kind to the poor.

Remember, mercy to the needy is a loan to God.

And God pays back those loans in full.

You see, the way we give to others is the way God will give to us.

With bonus and blessing.

So, look at this attentively.

If we are more favourably inclined, showing a tender, considerate and helpful nature.

Communicated with a warm tone of voice and a friendly physical gesture.

Having generous hands and good faith.

With so much love wrapped in care.

We bring praise to our heavenly Father.


Don’t brush aside anyone!

Rather, with a transfusion of God’s love, invest a positive stimulus into the hearts of many.

Let’s make them robust with life.

Oh, my!

Just do it!

Love extravagantly.

Help and give without expecting a return.

Then, we will all feel good.

Say, yes!

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Thank you.

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