A Love Gift

A Love Gift:


Howdy friends,

I’m not going to go into great detail as it’s not necessary.

However, in recent days Rachel and I were desperately in need of a particular something.

Amazingly, circumstances of the day enabled others to meet our need.

For this reason we believe it was a God-given gift.

A love gift.

And we’re so thankful.

So blessed.

Still, some may wonder why we are discreet about the intricate stuff.

Well, it’s a simple case of not letting anyone know about it.

Separating a self-seeking nature from the spiritual element.

Not allowing the left-hand to know what the right-hand does.

But wait!

There’s nothing smug here!

And it’s nothing to do with a lack of coordination either!

This life principle is not just applicable to the giver but also the recipient.

If the giver isn’t seeking recognition we should honour their intent.

I mean, why tell the whole world when they have requested otherwise?

You see, wen some people help others out, they don’t think about how it looks.

They just do it-quietly and unobtrusively.

That is the way God, who conceived us in love, working behind the scenes, helps us out.

My, consider this.

When we take little credit for the good things we’ve done, God pays more attention to them.

What a reward!

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Thank you.

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