The Emotional Connection

The Emotional Connection:

Hello one and all,

Just envisage the emotion caused by so much drama.

It all began when we were aroused at the first light of day by an alarm call:

A very vocal rooster.

Through the 14 years of living in the village we had become use to a similar sound.

However, on this particular morning the sound appeared to be louder than normal.

Anyway, we fell back to sleep and thought nothing else about it until later that morning.

After breakfast, to our surprise, we discovered we had a visitor in our front garden:

A bird!

Yet, no run-of-the-mill.

He had an upright stance, with long legs and neck.

He featured a red coloured broad head with a small comb.

He had a rather fierce expression and projecting eyebrows.

His eyes were yellow, as was the tip of his beak.

He was a shapely, tight feathered bird with a black breast, white saddle, black and green tail.

His legs and feet were rustic.

In short, he was a handsome looking chap.

A Malay Rooster!

But where did he come from?

Who did he belong to?

As the morning progressed we noted that the rooster would peck away at the ground outside our home as well as our neighbours.

He swaggered from garden to garden with the occasional waltz thrown in.

And so the investigation was set in motion.

Our neighbours including other residents in the area began to ask around.

But no one knew.

It was quite a mystery as to how he had turned up on our door-step.

Then, our next-door neighbour started to feed him.

And Rachel followed suit by supplying water.

The following day, the rooster was still with us, and so after receiving advice from the RSPCA we continued keeping an eye on him by trying to create shelter.

It soon became apparent that he was becoming very affectionate towards those who fed him.

It was also obvious that we had become fond of him.

I even named him, Reuben.

Anyhow, to cut to the chase, on the third day a warden arrived from the RSPCA with a very large net.

His first attempt to catch Reuben failed.

Oh, my, just imagine our rooster running down the road with a mad man in full pursuit trying to catch him!

The second attempt was successful, but Reuben was very vocal about the whole incident, crying with displeasure.

Eventually, Reuben settled down in the back of the RSPCA van before travelling to his next adventure.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I could possibly turn this into a word of encouragement.

Well, all I have to say is this:

Despite the rejection in this world we are loved and cherished.

God’s tender care and kindness leaves no one forgotten.

Not a man nor even a rooster!

As God’s kids, it’s good to look out for one another.

Hey, you may need a hand one day!

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