Holy Banquet

Holy Banquet:

Hello everybody,

Oh, how refreshing it is:

The bliss that brings us face-to-face with heavenly Father.

He leads us into a banquet room and looks at us with love.


He loves to have a get together with His children.

Sure-enough, He loves us beyond words.

And He longs for our relationship to have new life and energy.

So, right where you are:

Enter into the banquet room.

Kick off those mundane shoes.

Cast-away any feelings of despair in the face of obstacles.

Abandon every inhibition.

Discover afresh how to party!

And experience with Him great delight.

Just remember, the banner covering you is love.


Somebody bring a praise-song.

Somebody begin the family-dance.

Somebody raise a cup to Him.

Somebody shout a simple yes!

Now, cheers everybody!

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