Dear friend,

You know, God has never constructed anguish and pain, but He will certainly allow the outcome of those occurrences to be effective!

He turns the abandoned place into a place of audacious activity.

He turns the rocky field into a field of rejuvenation.

He turns the empty vineyard into a vineyard of exuberant extravagance.

Just listen up!

Your road maybe hard, your journey maybe tough:

But, even when the path leads you over a rough terrain that takes you through wild country, hold in there!

Do not quit!

Stay the course.

Know God is with you.

He has never stopped loving you.

Expect love, love, and more love.

Now, pick up your feet.

Step up in faith.

Lift up your face.

Look up ahead.

Imagine the meadows greening up.

Watch how God turns your broken life into a life of blessing.

Then give a thumbs up to Him.

Sure, if He answers in a surprising or unexpected way, see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy you can.

Make a journal of the amazing things He does.

Always remember, everything is orchestrated towards something good and beautiful.

So, upraise your palm to His.

And give thanks!

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