I Could Have Died Like Nine Times

I Could Have Died Like Nine Times:

Howdy friends,

I believe in the One who can make things happen.

Oh, my!

I have experienced more ups and downs than a roller-coaster.

Between the age of four and fifty-four I could have died like nine times.
Yet, my heavenly Pa has constantly shown to everyone what He can do.

I have known His back-up so many times.

In Him, there are no limits in range or scope.

His total expression is love.

Through the pain.

The strife.

The grief.

He is my praise!

He is my God!

My lungs expand with His praise.

He has done tremendous, staggering things in my life.

And He continues to do so.

Even before I started school I knew His hand of protection.

And as a teenager I had first hand knowledge of His presence.

As a young adult my life flashed before my eyes as I encountered a close shave with a scrap-yard truck.

I found myself wedged between a gate-post and a tail-gate.

In my late twenties I was given three days to live with a nine percent chance of survival.

As a young married man I endured the death of my loved one in a car crash.

It’s amazing how anyone got out of the vehicle alive.

But I did, and so did two of our friends.

But at the age of thirty I had lost my health and my wife.

In my early thirties the verge of death loomed even closer.

Life begins at forty so they say.

But from a medical perspective, for me things seemed to go down hill.

Suddenly, without warning, I was faced with an abnormality that would change my quality of life forever.

Then just three years ago I encountered another life threatening condition.

These alone are only a summary of events.

There is so much more to tell.

But listen!

Hey, I really do mean, listen!

Yes, I believe in miracles.

Over and again, I have called out, and God got me out of a tight spot.

And I still have a warm smile, no matter what.

That, surely, is a miracle itself!

Still, you know, I am living proof of the power of prayer.

No longer a slave to fear.

Sure-enough, He has freed me from my anxious fears.

I have a lust for life.


With joy in my heart and a spring in my step for every new day:

I am a child of God.

Oh, yes!

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