Heavens Cookie-jar

Heavens Cookie-jar:

Howdy friends,

So, the cupboard was bare!

Obviously there are varied reasons why the world is lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively.

Many are hungry.

So many are hurting.

Too many are lost.

Life can be complex.

Life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops.

Life can be tough.

Life isn’t always pop-corn and candy-floss either.

But wait!

There is no need to loose hope when life seems empty.

Now listen up!

When we feel down in the dumps:

Disappointingly unsuccessful:



Or deflated:

This encouragement provides a much needed hand up.

You see, our heavenly Father is rock firm and faithful.

He is persistently loyal.

All we need to remember is that He will never let us down.

He will never let us be pushed past our limit.

He will always be there to help us come through it.


He sits with us when we are feeling down.

He listens to every gripe and groan.

He involves Himself in our feelings.

He responds to the contours of our emotions.

He gives a hand when we are down on our luck.

He is a blessing – now and tomorrow and always.

He never dozes, never sleeps.

He gives a fresh start when we are ready to quit.

He knows we will come through just as He planned.

He believes in us.

He sticks right beside us all the way.


We can be sure that everything we need is found in the hand of Father.

Our contentment comes from a relationship with Him.

Now, like round-eyed children reach for the goodies from heavens cookie-jar.

Receive His bounty.

Rest in the abundance of His love.

Oh, yes!

He knows better than us what we need.

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Thank you.

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COOKIE-JAR: a jar in which cookies are kept and sometimes money is hidden.

HEAVENS COOKIE-JAR: Glorious resources in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

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