When I Am Weak

When I Am Weak:

Howdy friends,

The hardest part of suffering chronic kidney disease is the realisation that it never stops.

It requires great physical and mental effort to accomplish and comprehend.

It’s a never-ending story.

For me, one that’s spans over 30 years.

And one that shouldn’t be trivialised!

Right from acknowledging signs in the early stages, through to dialysis and eventual transplantation one is always recognised as being a renal patient.

In many ways CKD is a hidden disease, not always seen by all.

This endless journey can give rise to other conditions.

One of them in my case is fatigue.

It’s a different kind of fatigue to the norm.

It’s another kinda temporary loss of energy resulting from hard work.

Unlike that lack of intensity due to physical exertion.

Differing from an abrupt failure of mental or emotional strength.

Instead, my get-up-and-go is at a peak when I wake in the morning, yet sometimes that drive runs out by mid-afternoon.

Having sudden moments without having any energy and without being able to do everything can be quite a challenge.

Often, I’m unable to engage in some daily activities.

On certain occasions I’m falling asleep before evening has firmly fastened the door.

Some may think I’m helpless.

Others assume I’m incapacitated.

Even ineffective.

But, on a spiritual note God knows everything about me inside and out.

He energizes me when I’m tired.

So from the anchor of my heart I rely on Him, completely.

Ok, it isn’t easy, but I’m taking limitations in my stride.

Remaining cheerful.

Letting my weakness weigh up to something good.

Learning to expect incredible things to happen in situations that seem challenging.

Choosing to allow God to use the conditions in my life to reach-out to those around me.

Nudging them toward receptive insight.

Reflecting God’s power through my weakness.

Helping others to see His strength when I’m powerless.

Oh, yes!

God’s power is strongest when I am weak.

And that’s a message of encouragement for you my friends.

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

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