Howdy friends,

Due to suffering minor defects in my memory I took a twelve week self-imposed sabbatical.

In that period I went through extensive assessments.

This included blood tests, CT brain scans and so on.

Only a week or two ago I received the diagnosis:

General fatigue associated with stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease.

The good news is it’s not alzheimers disease.

It’s not dementia.

And it’s not a stroke.

Not a tumour.

Nor fluid on the brain.

And definitely nothing to do with age.

What is more, it hasn’t got anything to do with the effects of long-term medication either.

But note, my memory loss is only minor.

I’m still able to recall important events in my life.

I’m fairly good at remembering where things in our home are.

I can retain and recover new information.

I can also recite backwards both the whole alphabet and the calendar months.

But I do forget the names of some friends and neighbours.

Most of the time I can remember what I have just done.

Except for those times when I forget to take my medicine.

And believe it or not, I have even forgotten the odd mug of tea!

And I am prone to forget telephone numbers and bank details too.

Yet my biggest problem is being in full flow of a conversation as my fluency suddenly falls away.

Due to my temporary loss of mental strength and energy I have a tendency to forget words and illustrations.

Consequently I find myself substituting them with an alternative.

Basically, one thought is easily erased by another thought.

For instance I wanted to share with a neighbour about the block-paving in our garden.

But do you think I could think of the term “block-paving?”


Instead I talked about cobblestones.

We don’t have any cobblestones!

Oh boy!

Such a memory block!

Amazingly though, if I am prompted I am ok.

I am aware and know what is happening.

It is different to the moments when my blood glucose use to be low.

In my younger days when I had hypoglycaemia certain things happened that I cannot remember at all.

Diabetes is a complex disease.

Sure-enough, at times the journey has been long and rough.

I have had some giant battles along the way.

The odd spiritual trial.

Often affected by emotion.

And the occasional physical hiccup.
My current episode developed after being in intensive care with sepsis caused by kidney stones.

This happened just over three years ago.

Today I still have two kidney stones lodged in the membrane of my transplant!

No wonder I am feeling fatigued.

Still even though the road is hard, even though the journey is paved with cobblestones, since our eternal companion sees further than the eye can see – He helps us walk the trodden path.

So, until God steps in with one of His surprises, we will continue to keep hope alive.

Obviously, from a medical point of view, dialysis is the solution.

However, until as and when I become suitable for such an intervention we continue to regulate our pace.

In the last thirty years I have travelled this road three times.

Each journey though has been different to what I previously encountered.

But wait!

Just listen up!

The fact that God is with us every step of the way is a testament to His limitless love.

What you need to know is Rachel and I will never forget a single blessing.

No, never!

Not one!

Remember, God makes everything come out right.

He turns the difficult place into a place of rejuvenation.

He puts us back on our feet.

Oh yes!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

Meet David.

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Committed to loving God and loving people.

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