Against The Odds

Against The Odds:

Howdy faithful friends,

Nearly thirty years ago a lovely woman of God believed that my life would be similar to that of Gideon.

Against the odds Gideon became a hero.

Having a humble attitude, complete confidence, and being willing to adapt were what made him most effective.

Gideon’s story reminds me that God will always see me through the hard battles that life brings.

At the turn of the century my good old music tutor reckoned that my life had been kinda like that of Job.

Against the odds Job remained strong in the faith department in spite of afflictions that tested him.

The events in Job’s life made clear to me that I may never understand the particulars for misery and loss, but I must try to stick with it.

There are so many blessings in life to those who stay the course.

More recently my young pastor-friend-colleague shared that my story reminded him of the life of Daniel.

Against the odds Daniel held on to what he knew was true of who God is.

Daniel practiced an unbroken completeness.

By taking a firm stand he was well regarded by those he served.

Now, personally, I feel that my life is only a shadow of the valiant warrior, the man honest inside and out, and the wise and upright judge.

But listen!

In my life I’ve quite often reached out for God to step in miraculously to resolve things.

Yet time and again He moves in mysterious ways.

It’s simply amazing to think that God steps in by using ordinary people like me.

Still against the odds, I do what I can.

God does what I can’t.

He is great in status, authority, and power.

He is incredible.

He steps in by using ordinary people like us.

Equipping us for the task.

Gradually increasing our physical, spiritual and mental strength.

Looking after us.

Keeping us safe in the kingdom of heaven.

Oh, yes!

God brings it all together.

And at the same time we celebrate the victory already won.


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Thank you.

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