Work In Progress

Work In Progress:

Howdy friends,

I write this E-word as a good friend who wants to share heart-to-heart with you.

When I was a young lad I studied woodwork.

Initially it wasn’t my strongest subject.

In fact, I was quite weak.

Still, somehow my tutor looked for the best in me, and he did his best to bring it out.

Gradually, as time progressed so did I.

The transformation didn’t happen straightaway, but step by step I began to grasp the subject.

Within a couple of years I had developed from being “a bit of a butcher” to becoming “an excellent craftsman.”

Well, that’s how my end of year report read anyhow.

And it all came about because of the unselfish concern of my tutor.

He made learning interesting, exciting and important.

You see, he put his whole time, energy and resource into me.

He was passionate about what he was teaching.

When I fell behind, he gently urged me on.

Oh, boy!

There were many tests.

Though rarely easy, each test contained a lesson.

Even when I failed I hung in there and never gave up.


Every lesson brought a blessing.

Sure-enough, my tutors encouragement motivated and inspired me.

He encouraged me to accomplish more.

His aim was to build a better me.

He gave me hope.

He taught with a spirit of profound knowledge and good sense so that he could see me grow.

But note, I didn’t change in order to receive encouragement.

I changed because I had been encouraged.

Today, our heavenly Father encourages us and fills us with jubilant joy.

So give ear and listen up!

Everything changes when we realise encouragement is more than a moral or emotional strength.

More than an approval or support.

Wrapped in encouragement are instructions and guidance.

At times there could even be a note of caution or a warning.

Often there is a life-style application.

Or some advice to shape or re-shape.

When God speaks to us, He doesn’t always speak just to make us feel Lovey-dovey.

He doesn’t speak to make us feel rotten either.

He speaks as a dad speaks to his kids.

Knowing our problems big or small.

And sharing the good stuff too.

Our heavenly Father has the right word at the right time.

He loves us and wants us to grow up well.

He wants us to feel valued no matter what we achieve.

And so, my change of heart comes as a response to Father’s love, not a condition for it.

Regardless of my weakness He fills me with undeserved kindness.

His grace invites me into a life of super-abundance.

Such is the overflow.

In light of redemption, He restores relationship.

And He hasn’t finished with me yet.

He is still working on me.

Oh, yes!

There’s a fair way to go.

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Thank you.

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