Search-engine Of Heaven

Search-engine Of Heaven:

Howdy friends,

Now I don’t want to re-boil this subject as I’m concerned it may loose oxygen.

Yet in a week when members of the wider community are asking questions in relation to what we say and how it affects others, I wonder what our response would be.

“Get a life!” I hear some say.

But we all need to guard what we say and the influence it gives.

Remember, we are setting an example every day through our verbal exchange.

It’s our hearts not the dictionary that give meaning to what we say.

We can either bring light and vitality or cloud-over and pollute.

Of course, I recognise I must deal with the mud on my own face before wiping away the smudges from another.

I’m no saint.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the confab of life.

Anyhow, recently I was asked what triggered me to write:

Say Only What Helps

However, when I came to address the query my mind became all of a fuzz.

My initial thoughts were easily rubbed-out by another.

All I could think of was some pathetic illustration which did not help the conversation.

Although relevant and important to me, it did not help.

As a consequence my friends misunderstood what I was trying to convey.

I was disappointingly unsuccessful.

My qualifications in communication skills had become useless in the face of stress.

Moving on though, I sat there trying to locate the enter button to my internal search-engine.

But to no avail.

My brain could only hold a small number of thoughts compared to when I was much younger.

Pressing the escape button to cancel that thought proved pointless.

And so, the debate appeared to go round and round in circles, back and forth, back and forth again.

Thus, my frustration grew worse.

And unfortunately the hot-potato slipped out of hand!

In all the confusion and with intense despair, I kept searching for the right words.

In my experience I’ve realised that quite often all people need are a few words of encouragement.

I really love to give out those words.

Oh, boy!

At this point I had failed big time.

My thoughts just fell apart.

I became discouraged.

Down, but not out.

Still, it does not matter now, that’s in the past.

Sure-enough, God knows my heart.

He erased the mistakes of yesterday with Sonlite thoughts.

Hopefully, my memory loss was only temporary.

A sign of an old crusty, perhaps.

A side-effect of medication, maybe.

Today what really matters is knowing the search-engine of heaven.

Take note, we have access to everything God’s Spirit is doing.

And so with some pointers from God’s Word and a little artistic licence let’s look, listen and learn.

We would do best by filling our minds and sharing about things TRUE, real and genuine.

NOBLE, those things that reflect generosity.

REPUTABLE, with activities well reported of.

, AUTHENTIC, expressing the thoughts of the Father through the Spirit.

COMPELLING, with a well-reasoned reply.

GRACIOUS, showing kindness.

The BEST, not the worst.

The BEAUTIFUL, not the ugly.

Things to PRAISE, not things to curse.

Come-on friends!

Let’s meditate and talk about these things.

Start a conversation about the One whose opinion really does matter.

Let’s work collectively to encourage each other to draw closer to the Father heart of God.

Everyone can have conversational intimacy with Him.

Let’s be sure to live out His Message and do life big.

In per suit of perfection search for excellence.

And say yes to the One who communicates effectively.

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Thank you.

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Philippians 2:5

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.

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