Loved Us First

Loved Us First:

Howdy friends,

This week I found myself needing to go back to basics.

Not that I had forgotten, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded.

Here goes.

Went Jesus showed a selfless obedient life and death it was a response to His Fathers voice.

A stainless, selfless sacrificial love.

Having concern for the welfare of those in a far-off dilemma.

Providing a connection whereby we are safe and sound.

And this love has no preconditions.

There is no proviso.

This love does not rest on the validity or effect of our love for God.

We love because God loved us first.

God’s love is an unconditional love.

With immense value and total acceptance.

Including a grace that does not give up.


If you forget everything else remember this:

Our heavenly Father put His love on the line for us.

Just look at Jesus.

He came not to follow His own whim but to do what His Father wanted Him to do.

He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of Himself to us.

He had equal status with Father but didn’t think so much of Himself that He had to cling to the advantages of that status no matter what. Not at all.

This is the basis of our relationship.

Even when we didn’t deserve His love He settled on us to be the focus of His love.

We were made whole and holy through the once and for all offering of Jesus.

And now Jesus has come back from the dead.

He is the very first person of those who have died to come back to life.

What a result!

His love bought our freedom.

Kindly forgave us.

Provided a life-time of surprises.

Gave strength in times of trouble.

Prepared great adventures.

Healings marked by gradual changes.

And so much more.

More than we could imagine.

Jesus revealed the generous love of God our Father.

That consistency still continues.




Now, hear with intention.

He loved us first.

Come-on friends!

Let’s demonstrate this love and grace.


The way we live is essential.

So learn to live a life of love.

As sons and daughters of the Father of love let’s extend our kindness towards those on the outer edge.

Examine our attitude towards others.

Befriend the stranger.

Be people who communicate the power of God’s love.

Encourage the discouraged.

Make clear and visible the character of God.

Help those weighed down with a load.

Show affection to all.

Say yes to mercy and grace and compassion.

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Thank you.

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