Best Days Ahead

Best Days Ahead:

Howdy friends,

I have decided:

To never let my deterioration determine my destiny!

This includes my overall circumstances and condition in life [plus everything that happens to me].

I refuse to give-up!

I will certainly not quit!

But when faced with the realisation that my kidney function is only 26% one could ask, how much more?

Yet, through it all, I HAVE ALWAYS found the resolve to press on.

But only by His grace.

Still, when my transplant consultant declared that the only way forward was to run the course – you may well ask, which course?

Is it the course that my medical condition has dictated to me?

Is it the course recommended by friends.

Could it be the course that everybody is following?

Maybe one randomly chosen by myself?

Or perhaps the course set out before me by my heavenly Father?

Surely this last choice is the only one that inspires confidence and hope.

Now, don’t get me wrong or misunderstand me.

The trust I have in my medical support is favourable.

And the advice I receive from friends is appreciated.

But locked closely together are a connected series of developments.

An interconnected system with a principal route.

Kinda like the London Tube.

You see, my heavenly Father still has a plan for me.

It’s not over till He says so.

He’s going to turn things around for me.

My best days are ahead.

What an assurance!

Come-on somebody!


Believe it, not just for me, but for yourself.

Start on the right track.

Follow Father’s voice.

Keep connected to His Central Line.

Let Him turn things around for you.

Learn to live well on line.

Take a firm stand with purity of heart and life.

Be devoted to relationship [this is an essential characteristic].

Guard your heart.

Be ready to lend a helping hand.

Finish well.


And say, yes!

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Thank you.

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