Personal Story Telling

Personal Story Telling:

Howdy precious friends,

For many years I have advocated how the growth and development of young children gradually improves through listening.

And, one of the ways to achieve this is by telling them a story.

As the youngsters listen, we explain, and they gain experience in language skills.

They also have a better grasp for learning as a whole.

Yet, there was a time when I was verbally reduce in worth and character, as the notion within an outreach setting was to concentrate on play alone.

Anyway, although I can understand the importance of play, I believe that this is just one building-block in the process of a child’s growth and development.

Of course, even at play, reciprocal action and reaction is essential.

One cannot just leave the youngster to be isolated from others!

But, hey, ho!

This week, it has been interesting to follow the news here in the United Kingdom, as it seems that I’m not alone in my thinking.

Still, you know, this does not only apply to children.

I am sure everyone loves to hear a story, particularly from a reputable story teller.

You see, when stories are told well, creativity bursts open with boundless imagination:

Filling the mind with inspirational thoughts:

Facilitating dream-like musings:

And, transporting us to a new level.

Now, it goes without saying that the most influential person who told stories was Jesus Himself.

Consider the story of the father and his two sons.

Simply envision Jesus taking on the personality of each character.

Sure-enough, it is a familiar story that inflames the imagination comfortably.

Today, as followers of Jesus, the best stories to communicate to others are the ones that come from everything that happens to us, and the events that surround us.

Especially our changed lives, our eternal state of connection, and the awesome love of our heavenly Papa.

Picture this, your story could be like a stepping-stone enabling others to reach their full potential.

So, express yourself with a clear and accurate word of your normal everyday experience.

Never neglect the moment.

Come on friends!

In an ever disbelieving world, there are always opportunities to share God’s love story and be heard.

Creating for each listener a specific instance of feeling hopeful.

Remember, the world looks forward to this probable occurrence each day.

At home:

At work:

At school:

And yep, even at play.

Oh, yes!

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