Gods Wallop

Gods Wallop:

Howdy friends,

Sometimes, nonsensical talk can hit hard.

I mean, some people can come out with some, well, twaddle!

Often, it’s so bad, we wonder why they said such buncombe.

With an element of doubt, we ponder if they truly meant what they said.

After-all, are they completely devoid of good sense and sound judgement?

Okay, I guess, disparaging remarks may be spoken without intention:

Some people seem to be oblivious to their idiomatic expressions.

Yet, others are marked by casual disrespect, and have no regrets about their knee-jerk reactions.

So, they repeat them aloud!

Surely not!!


Loudly and without restraint!

Causing a severe blow to the recipient.

Inflicting wounds which are as painful as poisoned wounds.

To think, at times, we, ourselves, are the ones responsible for such venom!

An ever-busy mischief making.

Spotting and soiling our whole nature.

Oh, my!

But wait!

Give ear to this:

Thankfully, when heavenly Pa speaks, His words are absolutely uncontaminated.

He never talks a load of baloney.

Sure-enough, instead of lacking regard for the feelings of others, He is always considerate.

He is no bully boy!


But rather than being deficient in kindliness, His words are full of grace and truth.

In fact, when He speaks, His words are so pure, they are credible.

And, even His corrections are spoken in love.

Friends, we need to accept Pa’s divine assistance.

Oh, just cherish the thought of the words we would say.

Consider how we would say them.
Why, if what we say reflects the heart of Pa, there’s a strong chance people will know we are real.

So, let’s cleanup careless words from our conversation.

Let’s guard what, and how much we pour out.

And, let everything we say be good and helpful, meeting the need of the moment.

Yes, times will arise when it could be better to remain silent.

That way, we can stay out of trouble.

Still, if we must speak, let our words be conducive to producing an abundance of good fruit, rather than a ton of applesauce.

Then, may we, all of us, be bowled over by the power of Pa’s love.

For His reason, let’s give careful thought to everything we say.

Let’s make an enlivening impact.

Get the right result.

Be transformational.

Speak words of life.

Say, yes!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

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Bible References:

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