Sand Of Our Youth

Sand Of Our Youth:

Howdy friends,

Here in the United Kingdom we are about to change the clocks once again.

It doesn’t seem five minutes since they were last changed.

And, because it’s autumn, the clocks “fall back” one hour.

Obviously, if we were in spring, they would “jump forward” one hour.

In our home we have a dozen or so timepieces that need changing.

Ranging from a grand mother clock with her Westminster chimes, to a pendulum wall clock, with her half hourly dongs.

And there’s my talking alarm clock, and my talking wrist watch.

Thankfully, not all of our timepieces need to be manually changed.

It would take too much time to adjust all of them by hand.

Oh, boy!

Imagine, how the sand of my youth would slide through my fingers!

I’d rather spend an extra hour in bed!

Hey, just think, through the years, of all the minutes I’ve spent adjusting clocks!

Think of all the time slipping through those thumbs and fingers.

Anyhow friends, listen:

This week has been a sad one for me, as I have suffered the loss of a dear friend:

Mitch and I first met nearly thirty years ago at a Christian conference.

He was a young family man, passionately involved in youth ministry in the South Wales region.

I was at least ten years his junior, a young pioneer pastor, fresh from Bible college.

We hit it off straight away.

We had like-minded hearts.

Kindred spirits.

Gradually, the years unfolded.

Our ministries entwined.

Mitch’s path would cross with mine.

Mine with his.

It was great working together.

Wonderful sharing life.

Walking a similar journey.

But ah,the realization of just how precious time is.

It lasts for a markedly brief time.

Sure, it only seems like yesterday when we first met.

Seemingly, plenty of time for thinking.

An abundance of time for planning.

Yet, a momentary time for doing.

Yes, we accomplished so much.

I, for one, am so proud of what we achieved.

But look, dear friends, time on this earth is so delicate.

It whizzes by!

So, please don’t let the sand of your youth slide through your fingers!

Simply make the best use of your time.

Take hold of every opportunity.

Live life the Father’s way.

Reach His kids.

Be involved in activities that are enjoyable.

Take some time to have loads of fun.

Be an encourager.

Contribute to the progress and growth of others.

And say, yes.

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