Frosty Looking Strawberries

Frosty Looking Strawberries:

Howdy friends,

So there we were devoting time to pleasure and relaxation at the log cabin, when on our first morning at breakfast Rachel went to the refrigerator to collect a salad composed of fresh fruits which she had prepared and contained in a bowl the evening before:

To her utter surprise, astonishment, she discovered that sitting on “the edge” of her one-time delight was a frosty looking strawberry.

Initially she thought the whole salad was frozen, but after further examination she realised it was only the appearance of the isolated strawberry that gave an expression of unfriendliness.

Such an unwelcome greeting for a late summer morning!

Still, as we chewed over the commotion, it got us a thinking, yet again:

Oft times we could meet people with an unfriendly disposition.

They have a certain external aspect devoid of warmth and cordiality.

Sometimes it’s not particularly enjoyable being in their company.

Their characteristics are well known, and easily recognised:

They look frosty on the outside.

To a certain degree, so much colder on the inside.

Their hearts appear hardened, with an absence of concern for the welfare of others.

Or so it seems.

I guess it could be so easy to look at the outward appearance!

So easy to assume the inner!

Yet behind that glacial facade could be a heart that is full of extreme poverty or destitution:

They are simply bogged down with personal matters.

Lost within the crowd, and feeling alone:

Their sensitivity accompanies an unsatisfied state.

They could be washed-out with a loss of strength and energy resulting from years of thankless work:

On the face of it, they have lost freshness or brilliance of colour.

Lacking vitality and enthusiasm.

They give a certain impression of looking crest-fallen.

Being without determination and resilience.

Wrongly believing they don’t fit in anywhere.

They have a self-generated awareness of being barely adequate.

On certain occasions, they feel intimidated:

Defined as a soft touch to the demands of life.

Having value that is not acknowledged.

Afraid to step out and chance a relationship:

Avoiding a close or warm friendship.

Denying themselves the deepest dimensions of love.

But you know, Jesus did not remain inactive while expecting them to come to Him, He went to them.

Friends, we have a principal responsibility here, to accept people where they are at, and not where we want them to ideally be.

So, let’s stop sitting, and start serving!

Let’s communicate our heavenly Pa’s love without going on a fault-finding mission.

Let’s stay clear from examining someone for mistakes.

Let’s refrain from analysing each other.

Let’s step back from the act of assuming or taking for granted.

And let’s get away from unnecessarily doing things the way they have always been done!

What seemingly worked at one place or time may not be the answer for here and now!

Don’t be influenced by conditions, customs, or circumstances of the day!

And don’t continue to use the same complex methods, while hoping and praying for contrasting results!

And, before we turn our focus away from the main subject of attention, perhaps it’s time to find-out, sound-out, check-out, and get to know new friends.

Hey, possibly it’s time for prayer and care!

Why, next time you meet someone with frosty looking features, remember, enclosed within their persona could be an individual “seriously” waiting to be loved, raring to break open with emotions of great joy.

Maybe a warm welcome is all they really need.

Even a hearty greeting of kind affection.

So, let’s “all” be free from the formation of frost.

Perhaps our inner feelings could be an outer expression of Pa’s love caught with the first rays of sun.

As the given day begins, let’s keep in mind, every person matters to Him.

Think of Him walking through our whole life journey with us.


Live out the values of Abba Pa.

Share life in action.

Do it in ways that can be appreciated.

Epitomise Pa’s principles.

Be enlivened by His presence.

Say, yes!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

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Committed to loving God and loving people.

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