We Are Special

We Are Special:

Howdy friends,

So, there I was being admitted into hospital for the twelfth time in eight months, when I found myself in a conversation with a couple of renal nurses, who were intrigued with the length of time I had journeyed as a recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant.

Almost twenty-four years in total.

In light of this news, both nurses reckoned I was a very special person.

Then, on the following morning, a team of consultants came to see me, and one consultant asked the other:

Have you met David Prince?

The reply:

No, I haven’t, but I know all about him.

And exactly twenty-four hours later, the same consultant who asked the initial question, arrived on the ward-round, and declared to another team:

We’re going to start with The Big Chief Himself: David Prince.

Oh, boy!

Was I chuffed?

Sure was!

But you know, this got me a thinking, again.

Is it wrong of me to feel special?

Could it be inappropriate of me to feel important?

Am I misguided when I feel very pleased?

I mean, consider this:

If you’ve done well in your education, you don’t go home and chuck the report away!


And if you gain the highest qualification, you mustn’t dismiss the result.


If you receive approval at home, at work, at school, or at play – for something you’ve accomplished – you can’t hold-back your thanks.

You simply wouldn’t!

Come on!

Still, we find it hard to accept compliments.

When remarks come our way expressing praise and admiration, we tend to brush-aside the achievements.

Some of us are uneasy or apprehensive about getting caught up in a “superbia” syndrome.

Many of us are afraid of having feelings of self-respect and personal worth.

We can get stuck in a corrosive emotion.

Sadly, we don’t know where to draw the line.

First pride, then the crash: I hear you say.

Yeah, the bigger the ego, the harder the fall: exclaim others.

But wait!

Listen with intention:

Don’t get me wrong, and don’t misunderstand me!

For me, reaching this length of time in my medical journal has only been possible through the help of others.

I can’t say it’s been of my own making.

Not completely, anyway.

And it certainly hasn’t been a smooth sailing experience.

It can be a very rough ride, travelling along this bumpy road called: Life.

Often times, it’s kinda like walking through treacle.

Yep, that sticky stuff!

Even so, I haven’t made the journey alone.

For instance, I’ve appreciated my heavenly Papa’s help.

And I’ve been totally overwhelmed with the support of family and friends.

Not forgetting the surgeons, anaesthetists, consultants, technicians, occupational therapists, tea makers, nurses and other health care providers, who have given from their skillfulness.

Oh, yes, and donors with their families have sacrificed much.

And many have prayed.

Many continue to do so.

So, I guess it’s a team effort.

But does this make me any less special?

Of course not!

Wake-up precious friends.

Give careful ear:

One thing is guaranteed:

Our heavenly Papa loves us with all He has got.

It’s a given!

His love is never limited.

Just think, He uses all His skill to keep us on track.

You see, we are more important to Him than we could ever imagine.

He helps us to acknowledge every step of our life story.

He raises us to a higher energy level.

And because of this, were able to tell others of the night-and-day difference He makes for us.

Incidentally, it’s forty-five years this week since I stepped out on The Faith Journey.

Oh, my!

Anyhow, remember this, whether we’ve been on the road for many years, or just a few moments, that’s something extraordinary.

From now on, let’s LOOK AT EACH OTHER from a different perspective.

Come, let’s SEE EACH OTHER through Papa’s eyes.

It’s only then – we will “really know” we are special!

What a characteristic:

Living life as a champion:

One of His protege kids.

Oh, yes!

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Thank you

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