Change The Music

Change The Music:

Everyone seemed quite amenable.

In fact, most were willing to help.

No one felt obliged.

Many reacted to our situation without much difficulty.

On account of this, our trip to a local indoor shopping centre became fairly manageable.

One or two kind folk held the door open as Rachel pushed me “and my wheelchair” through the entrance or exit.

No one behaved in a patronizing or condescending manner.

Alright, the hustle and bustle of the place was of an unusually noticeable challenge.

The noise level was neither good or bad.

Yet, there’s always one!

Always, one!

Sure, as we sat eating a hearty meal, someone, one of the other customers, demanded that the recorded music should be changed!

Whether the waiter changed it or not, I do not know, as the bebop percussion sounded similar.

And this got me a thinking, again:

Suppose you’ve gotten into a singing and a dancing mood – and then, someone, kinda like that customer, comes along, and insists that you change the music!

Perhaps the shoe is on the other foot, and you share the sentiments of the cacophonic customer.

This could be likened to our spiritual lives:

Simply imagine a rhythm directed by God Himself that welcomes all of us into the flow.

Surely, this is far better than an expressed opposition to the new.

There, I’ve said it!

Even so, it requires little effort to resist what we’ve never experienced before.

It’s so easy to dismiss the unknown.

So easy to do away with.

Yet, if it’s God-appointed:



What’s the problem?

Okay, the problem could be something else.

Someone else.

The answer could be, you.

But, hey, ho!

We can all help to resolve things.

All the same, we still find it hard to cope with something new.

If it goes against our inclination or natural tendency – we effectively shut out most people.

Raspingly, some demand that the record is changed!

So, how do we know what’s behind the new?

How can we be purposeful in the way we live?

Well, I reckon it’s all about God.

You see, if God is involved,, He can infuse and fill us completely.

If we request, He will saturate us, totally.

The music follows.

And, due-to those feelings of strong eagerness – we are unable to get it out of our heads.

Yep, you’ve guessed, it’s that catchy song or tune that could run over and again.

Kinda like a seemingly monotonous hum.

Or a mellifluous continuance.

Whatsoever, it’s a song that’s God-breathed:



Subsequently, we could soak in as much of God as we can.

And who wouldn’t?

For we will never get bored.

No, never!

We may, at times, have an impatient expectancy.

But we will never get bored with the presence of Father.

Such passion will drive us.

And yes, we may have strong feelings of ardent love.

Just remember, we are never able to achieve much without Him

What we do is only possible by faith.

However, realistically, some won’t support the new, and may even oppose it.

That’s fine.

But today, my encouragement to you is, come-on, get over it.

Push aside those descending voices.

Then, take the lead.

Be willing to live by God’s rhythm.

Hear the beat of His heart.

Readily react to His influence.

Reach a decision.

Make the right choice.

Step from potential to purpose.

Give yourself entirely to Him.

In every high.

Every low.

Make music in your heart.

Now, celebrate His blessings.

Dance the bebop.

And say yes!

David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

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Ephesians 5:19

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