Treading The Storm

Treading The Storm:

Precious friends, even with all the turbulence in life, we are still hopeful.

We are marked by firm determination and resolution!

For we learn this over and again – that the safest place to be in a storm is close to our Saviour.

He enables us to acclimatise to the sensation of keeping our balance …

… And yes, in these very conditions our spirits remain alive – with a daily fresh infusion of life!

For no matter how great the storm, our God is greater!

With renewed courage, somehow, it seems good for us to “come through” the storm.

Subsequently, with restored energy, we are made to feel new, again.

Sure-enough, we embrace a calmness that’s completely clear and fine.

A distinctive quality in the atmosphere.



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David Prince: Full-time Husband To Rachel – Writer Of Stuff – Receiver Of Grace – Drinker Of Tea – & Hearty Neighbour.

Meet David.

Meet Rachel.

An extract from the “Fields Of Life” story:

Steady In The Storm – Ch.16.

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