Very Dark Valley

Very Dark Valley:

There are various kinds of valley experiences.

The gloomy valley, the lonesome valley, the valley of despair, the valley of inactivity, and the valley of grief.

But know this, even if we walk through the unending shadows of a very dark valley, we do not have to be overcome by fear.

Quite often, it’s in the valley that God makes Himself visible in extraordinary ways.

And it’s in the valley where we discover examples of warm heartedness that we could never identify anywhere else.

Indeed, we often find that it’s through those valley experiences that God the Holy Spirit speaks kindly to us.

And sure-enough, because God is with us in those dark moments, near with His protection and guidance, we are comforted.

Still, as we walk through various valley moments, we may find it hard to comprehend the reasons why God has let them happen.

But hush!

Be still!


Just keep note, God has never constructed anguish and pain, but He can certainly allow the outcome of those occurrences to be effective!

Subsequently, we will be able to use those examples as a stepping-stone to communicate successfully with other folks who are going through the same kind of experience.

Admittedly, many of us may have journeyed through that very dark valley.

In reality, you may be “camped down” right now.

But remember, God is with you in those dark moments, near with His protection and guidance.

Oh, what a comfort!

God is near.

So, spring-up!

Experience the light of His presence.

Let Him be your guide.

He’ll never leave you abandoned.

Remember, He dispels all fear.

Say yes!

Meet David.

Meet Rachel.

Psalm 23:4

New Century Version.

The Voice Bible.


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