Behind The Blinds

Behind The Blinds:

So, as you leave home in the dark hours of the early morning, and look up at the closed blinds of your next door neighbour, what do you immediately think?

Is it a thought of concern?

An anxious feeling?

Even, compassion?

Or rather a judgement, or an opinion misconstrued?

Maybe you figure it doesn’t matter one way or the other!

But, could they be drop-outs? Probable couch-potatoes? Scroungers?


Perhaps, instead, they’re suffering with multiple health issues, 24/7.

Possibly, grief-stricken.

Maybe, just maybe, miserable in circumstances beyond their control.

Unsure of where to turn!

Feeling neglected.

Lacking hope.


How can one tell?

In any event, it’s so easy to jump to conclusions!

Just remember, things aren’t always as they seem.

Perhaps the neighbours are just having a long stay in bed in the morning, as it’s a day when they are not required to work!

Now, that’s a thought!!

Listen, don’t assume that you know it all!

Don’t look for the worst in your neighbour!

It’s so easy to write folks off!

So easy to get to a point of no return!

As an alternative, let’s resist from jumping to conclusions, as there is likely a perfectly good explanation.

After-all, in retrospect, the person behind the closed blinds could resemble you!

Face-it, at some point or another, we’ve all been there.

Yet, despite this, whether the blinds were closed due to our own conditions or life-style choices, God, our heavenly Father – reached down and embraced us.

And He still does.

He loves us, everyone!

Bottom line, our heavenly Father never neglects us!

He never forgets a single one!

So much grace and kindness.

Incredible love.


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