Listen Up

Listen Up:

Howdy friend,

Feeling rock-bottom?

Huffy at God?

Baffled with the process?

Narked by a number of things?

Disappointed with the waiting game?

All of the above?

It couldn’t be any worse?

Still, you’re not getting any answers.

Those words of yours appear to bounce off the clouds.

Your prayers return abandoned.

Nothing makes sense.

Maybe you have that sinking feeling.

Perhaps you feel lost.

Doomed to extinction.

Already sunk.

Will God ever appear?

Well, hold-on!

The story of Jesus walking on water has nothing to do with walking on water.

Not solely anyway!

It’s more to do with how jesus walks close to you.

He reaches in your direction.

Meets you in the middle of your questions.

Settles in the boat with you.

Then talks you out of the storm.

So give ear.

Listen, you will come through this.

Remember this truth.

He has authority over the surging waves of your life.

Oh, yes!

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Thank you.

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