Completing The Distance

Completing The Distance:

Pat Smith: Born: 28.10.1928.

To us, we called her aunty Pat.

She was no blood-relation, but became part of our family, even as we became part of hers.

In retrospect, I must have been about four years old when I first met aunty Pat.

As the years unrolled, we, the Prince family, use to visit her home quite regularly, first in Blakesley Road, and then at Manor Gardens.

Foremost in my memory though, were the numerous holidays we use to share.

One in particular was a holiday to Edinburgh.

My parents travelled by train and I, along with my two sisters accompanied aunty Pat in her red VW Beetle, affectionately known as, “Arnold.”

At this point in time I was around forteen years old.

Anyhow, as we travelled from Birmingham to Edinburgh, one way to keep our minds occupied, was to start right at the beginning of the alphabet and recall every chorus beginning with A. B.C. and so on.

As soon as we had reached X, Y, Z, we started all over again!

One can only imagine how worn out we were after travelling the distance.

Mind you, a few days later, whilst walking along the full length of the Forth Road Bridge, we were just as exhausted, because once we had reached the other side, it was only then that we realised we had to walk the full length back again!

Oh, my!

Her participation in church youth camps was special.

I will never forget the time she drove up to a farm in somewhere or other.

As Arnold came to a halt, aunty Pat got out of the car and opened up the front boot.

There, she handed to anyone at hand countless packets of cereals, loaves of bread, milk, baked-beans, spam, sausages, soup, and so the list continued.

Every nook and cranny had something stuffed into it.

The amount of food and essentials she packed into that little red Beetle was totally amazing.

Not forgetting the passengers!

And her secret store of extra strong mints hidden in the glove compartment.

Such joy!

However, playing scrabble was a very serious game when aunty Pat was involved.

Nevertheless, her enthusiasm, passion, and zeal in her relationship with God, His Word, and with people were always evident in her life.

She always showed a genuine interest in the lives of others.

She had a heart for mission, at home, and overseas.

On arriving back from her holiday in Australia, aunty Pat presented to me an aborigine boomerang.

That was some forty years ago.

Today, the curved piece of wood, with painted markings is still on display in my study.

Aunty Pat loved life, and lived loved.

In her own words, “Real good..”

Pat Smith: Returned to her Maker: 20.06.2016.

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