Make Room For Dreamers

Make Room For Dreamers:

Howdy friends,

I’m quite certain that we’ve all experienced a series of mental images occurring during SLEEP.

Some of us can find them emotional.

No doubt, we all have a cherished desire.

And, many of us have imaginative thoughts while AWAKE.

But recent questions were asked concerning blind people:

Do blind people dream?

Can they see what they’re dreaming?

Are their dreams in colour?

Well, before I answer the questions, you need to know that due to my total blindness, all I perceive when I’m WIDE AWAKE is a cloudy-grey.

Thus, occasionally, my eyes dart back and forth searching for light.

This movement is kinda like a computer screen auto refresh.

But every time the screen is refreshed, the page returns to just as before:

It’s the “same-old” cloudy-grey!

Nothing more!

Nothing less!

So, let’s return to my answers:

For me, as a person who has been blind since the age of twenty-four, I can say yes to all three questions.

I dream.

And, whether I’m ASLEEP, or AWAKE, I can see those dreams quite clearly, and I see them in colour.

It is reckoned, however, that people of an older generation who “may have” lost their sight at an earlier age, only dream in black and white.

Those born blind, or have endured blindness from a young age, “may not” encounter dreams the same way as I do.

Anyhow, here’s my experience:

I dream many times at short intervals, often three times during the NIGHT.

It’s believed that my brain compensates for my lack of sight, and uses the ability to form mental images of things and events to see.

I suppose my dreams are received in a similar way as the actions and events that occur in life.

For instance, my dreams are frequently based on memory from trends before the nineteen-nineties.

I never dream about the age of the Internet.

My concept of modern technology is limited.

When present-day appliances are introduced, they remain “out of sight” on every occasion..

Shapes of certain four-wheeled motor vehicles are incomprehensible to me.

Even so, I often dream, in my SLEEP, of driving a car.

And many times I’ve dreamt that I’m a senior police officer.

Oh, my!


Still, all my NIGHT TIME dreams are three-dimensional, and include colour.

They have an appearance of depth.

They have a quality of sound.

But, of course, I also have a good imagination.

Yet, unless I’ve gotten to know someone by recognising their voice, or can recall them from memory, establishing the identity of a person I’ve “never seen before” is virtually impossible.

I can be creative though.

I’m good at shaping a mental image of the distinguishing qualities of a person’s face.

My back-ground in graphic design has helped immensely.

And my DAY TIME dreams bring clearness which help me to focus on new and daring initiatives.

There’s nothing wrong with having dream-like musings while AWAKE.

Now, listen-up friends.

Know this:

I will never let anyone put me down by force or intimidation.

Never allow anything to be a hindrance or obstacle to me.

Interestingly though, Joseph, the son of Jacob, wasn’t only stripped of his fancy colourful coat, but the intention was to sweep-away his dreams!

The aim was to remove his status.

But, hey, ho!

What was meant for ruin turned out really well.

So, hear with intention.

Give ear:

Whenever your dreams cease to be visible, and the only way out is to entertain thoughts of defeat, remember, it’s never too late to let tomorrow’s dream become today’s hope.

Just be.

Believe God’s dream for your life.

Never let a totally unlikely situation intimidate you.

Get into God’s Dream-world.

Make room for dreamers.

Share your heart with feeling.

Have clean-handed thinking.

Be sure-footed.

Like Joseph, be gracious.

And, every time your sky turns to cloudy-grey:

Plug away.

If the bottom falls out of your world:

Hang on.

When the light is at the end of your tunnel:

Move ahead.

Seriously, dream-away:

Come-on everyone!

Make some tangible goals:

Reach those creative aspirations.

Keep an eye on your dreams:

Consider them to be attainable.

Expect things to be amazing:

Start the NEW DAY fresh.



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