Goldfish And Tomatoes

Goldfish And Tomatoes:

So, we were eating out with some friends this past week, when the youngest of our company concluded that she thought heaven would be boring.

The pure thought of seeing her dad having nothing to do except float around playing his harp just didn’t appeal to her.

She reckoned being a goldfish would be much better!

Oh boy!

She wanted to be a goldfish!

Personally, I figure that swimming around in a goldfish bowl in “time without end” could cause mental weariness.

That is, of course, unless the “new life” fish could complete multi-coloured transformations, with synchronized sound and supersonic summersaults in mid-air.

Now, that could be fun!

That would be something to write home about.

An all musical, acrobatic goldfish.


Well, maybe, not!

Seriously though, this got us all a thinking, again.

What will we look like when we get to heaven?

Well, think on this:

God gave our bodies to us, and some fine fine day He will link-up our spirits with our new bodies.

Yep, bodies that will never become unhealthy or lack physical strength or vitality as a consequence of old age.

And those bodies will be far more impressive than anything we can foresee here and now.

Oh my!

What a day!

But some sceptics are sure to say: Give us a diagram – draw us a picture.

Listen, there are no diagrams for this kind of thing.

However, we do have a parallel experience in gardening.

When we plant a seed, it must die before it starts new life.

Sure, a seed does not germinate without itself dying.

A seed must die before it can sprout from the ground.

If we plant a “dead” seed; soon there is a flourishing plant.

Notice, there is no visual likeness between seed and plant.

We could never guess what a tomato would look like by looking at a tomato seed.

What we plant in the soil and what grows out of it don’t look anything alike.

That’s how it will be when we are raised to permanent life.

Our bodies will die, but when we are raised, we will live forever.

Instead of ugly and weak bodies, we will become beautiful and strong.

Okay, this image of planting a dead seed and raising a live plant is a mere sketch at best.

Yet, just as we are like the one who was made out of earth, we will be like the One who came from heaven.

The same, but different.

It’s as simple and as complicated as that!

Who knows exactly how we’ll end up!

In all honesty, We don’t know what we shall become in the future.

We only know that, if reality were to break through, we should reflect the likeness of Jesus.

Now remember, the most crucial truth is this:

This life is not all, but in front of us is heaven if we know the Saviour.

So, I’m not certain about goldfish.

Although it provides mental stimulus for thinking, I’m quite doubtful.

But mark this:

The simplicity of a young child is the example and the rule of thumb – for every one who hopes, by the grace of God, to see the kingdom of heaven.

Sure-enough, that’s food for thought.

Something to act upon.

Say yes!

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Thank you.

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Mark 10:15

1 Corinthians 15:35-49

1 Peter 1:3

1 John 3:2

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The Message.

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