Family Identity

Family Identity:

God, our Father looks after His children one by one.

In a personal way, He deals with our needs.

Sure, we can all get to know His qualities.

And we can all have first-hand knowledge of His affectionate love.

He joyfully interacts with us.

He is Father.

Daddy God.

Yet, for some, this can be difficult to view!

Hard to accept without proof or certainty.

Not easy to comprehend.

Still, our idea of His Son can be kinda the same.

Let me explain:

Think of Jesus, full of activity, funny and amusing.

He’s beyond the usual or expected.

At times, presumptuously daring.

Offering fun.

Causing laughter.

Jovial and bubbly.

Kinda like a big brother, with an obvious sense of joy and playfulness.

Prudently jubilant.

Jumping up and down, flapping His arms and turning in circles.

Full of life and energy.


For some, this may be kinda strange to expect, believe, or suppose:

But visualize a wedding party with verbal wit, and all before the best wine has come.

Envisage an “eye-opening” miracle with exceptional messy fun.

Figure a picnic that supplies thousands with feelings of happiness and joy.

Picture a story told with a humorous play on words.

And imagine a barbecued breakfast with guys sharing a burst of deep loud hearty laughter.

Now, form a mental image of these examples when enjoyment is taken away.

Consider Jesus without a sense of humour.

You can’t!

You won’t!

You’ve seen a different perspective.

You’ve remembered the quote:

Like Father, like Son.

You see, at the hub of Jesus’ identity is His close connection to Father.

A connection of such intimacy, whereby, as we follow what Jesus did, we see the heart of Father.

What the Father does, the Son does.

The Father breaks out with laughter.

The Son reflects the Father.

Neither Jesus nor the Father shuts anyone out.

Just think, this joy can be your joy also.

So come, laugh out loud.

Let your smile burst!

Remember this truth, you’re every bit loved.

From this time onward, as sons and daughters of the Father of love, be exuberant.

Mirror the joy of Father.

Say yes!

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Psalm 2:4

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