Inspiring Hope

Inspiring Hope:

On 24 December 1987, I was sent home to face my first Christmas in the dark.

I had received surgery to repair damage to the blood vessels in both retina – caused by diabetes.

But unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful.

Consequently, I was blind. Totally blind!

Life as I knew it – would never be the same.

The days of working as a graphic designer would become nothing more than a memory.

Thankfully though, my music and pastoral ministry would gradually develop and continue.

Friends, these were not easy times.

Coping with the darkness, was most challenging.

There was no time for inhibitions.

No room for fears and unacceptable thoughts.

This was especially true, even as other multiple health issues and circumstances crept in.

Everything appeared to happen in an uninterrupted way.

My life was pulled back and forth, rather like a rubber-band!

Without doubt, the circumstances around me were not perfect – but thank God, I knew SOMEONE who was.

Indeed, I know SOMEONE who is!

In reality, in my times of despair, anguish & uncertainty – it was my Lord and Saviour who, 24/7, 365 days of the year, helped me to find the strength to carry on.

And He still does.

For this reason, I put my trust and confidence in Him.

I will not be afraid!

Sure-enough, with Him on my side – leading and guiding the way – I’ve discovered a break-through in my life and many a circumstance.

Twenty five years ago – my world seemed to fall-apart!

Today, however, I’m viewing things from a different perspective.

In a quarter of a century I’ve accomplished so much – by means of music and pastoral ministry, including travelling through main-land Europe, the Mediterranean, China, and Australia.

I’ve also written and composed many songs, shared the “Fields Of Life” story, and authored the E-word Communicator … just to name a few.

I give thanks to GOD for every opportunity!

A whole new world has opened-up for me.

My future is filled with hope.

So, in light of this, if you’re facing obstacles in life, I pray that this message of encouragement will inspire hope before discouragement creeps in.

As we pray together, let’s believe that God will strengthen us, increase our confidence – and, heighten our consciousness of the great need for Him as our Saviour.

Consider this, He loves us with all He has got.

It’s Him who we’re dependent on.

He uses our present time difficulties to strengthen us for tomorrow.

Remember, our only hope is in Him.


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