Because Of Grace

Because Of Grace:

As some may know, I’m unable to see.

In fact, day in, day out – I’m walking in the dark.

But, although I’m blind, I have enough vision to see that God can be of help, as in a particular situation of need.

Actually, I have enough sight to perceive and know that I need grace.

What a discovery this has been for me!

Sure-enough, we are who we are because of God’s grace.

Because of grace, our wrong doings are not only forgiven, they are chucked away forever-and-a-day as if they never existed.

If God kept records on wrong doings – who would stand a chance?

As it turns out, forgiveness is His habit.

And that’s not all! He carry’s on wanting to help us.

All we need to do is complete a 180 degree turn from what we were doing.

Then, experience first hand the vast dimensions of His grace and love.

And listen up!

Because of grace, we can hear the heartbeat of such love.

Daily, we are able to walk in His grace.

Day after day, we are able to embrace the Father’s love.

In light of this, always believe the future’s bright with Him.


As we throw open our doors to Father, we will discover at the same moment – He has already thrown open His door to us!

Because of grace, we become recipients of His undeserving, never ending love.

So remember, God is open to easy view, and always deserves our praise!

Awesome stuff!



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Psalm 130:3-4

Romans 11:6

Romans 5:2

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