Thumb-prints And Finger-marks

Thumb-prints And Finger-marks:

Friends, I don’t mind repeating what I have written in earlier messages of encouragement, and I hope you don’t mind hearing it again.

So, let me remind you – you were created by God.

In fact, we’re all shaped and modelled by God, our creator, our heavenly Father.

He knew us before anyone knew we existed.

He had a schedule for us before anyone had any notion of our presence.

But wait! Possibly you feel as if you are lacking in excellence or value!

Maybe you think you are good for nothing!

Or perhaps you’ve come to the view – you serve no useful purpose!

Don’t Believe It! Nah!!

Rather, listen up!

You are special.

Yes, you!

That’s right!

You’re distinctive – uniquely and attractively made!

And know this, there is only one you.

For-sure, each of us is different.

None the same.

No two alike.

Differing from all others, no-one is dull and uninteresting!

We all have our own special characteristics and qualities.

We are custom-made – to exact specifications – with our own precious hallmark.

Each of us irreplaceable and unique.

And each exquisite – a delicate composition.

So, think on this, our lives, whether we are fully aware or incognizant of it, have the thumb-prints and finger-marks of our heavenly Father all over them.


Now, how amazing is that!

You are special!!

We are special!

And together, we’re living loved.

Believe it!

Our heavenly Father knows every single thing about us, and He still loves us.

No matter what.

That’s simply awesome.

So, if you’re ever feeling down, remember Father loves you!

Oh yes!

He sure does!

Amen? Amen!

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Thank you.

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