Rainbow Bubbles

Rainbow Bubbles:

Imagine; by what way we pick-up the colours of a rainbow, or the flowing patches of colour in a thin film of oil floating on top of a puddle.

In a similar manner, we see the colours in a bubble through the reflection and deflection of light waves inside and outside the surface of a soapy bubble.

In fact, the colours we see on the bubble are the reflection of white light shining on the bubble film.

Really, it’s quite an optical phenomenon!


Yet, very much a creative idea when finding a substitute for small pieces or streamers of coloured paper that are thrown around on festive occasions.

And that’s what my niece and her husband systematically planned on their wedding day.

Instead of confetti flying all over the place, little kids, and bigger ones too, blew bubbles.

Using bottles of bubble liquid and bubble blowing wands, the kids blew bubbles varied in size. Each bubble, a sphere of beauty – reflecting rainbow colours.

Apparently, some fragile bubbles popped quickly while others seemed to move to and fro and dance in the gentle breeze.

Due to their temporary nature and volatility, this was quite a challenge for any photographer.

All good summer fun though!

Looking closely at this phenomenon from a Christian perspective, I can’t help but notice something that is significant.

Consider this, white light has many colours – each colour has a different wavelength.

For instance, red light has the longest wavelength and violet the shortest.

Anyhow, because of this phase shifting, we can see the many colours of light on soapy bubbles.

A beautiful picture of diversity.

In The Message paraphrased version of the Bible, Eugene Peterson reminds us, we’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world.

By opening up to others, we’ll prompt people to open up with God, “our” generous Father in heaven.

Likewise, it’s funny how bubbles have the ability to bring some magic into this volatile world!

They somehow reach out and bring a little bit of heaven into our lives.

So, in light of this remarkable observation – come-on kids!

As we endeavour to reach our generation, let’s enjoy, and love life.

Go-on! Blow some bubbles.

And reflect!

Matthew 5:16

The Message.

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