Super Happy

Super Happy:

Recently I had the misfortune of developing “swimmers-ear” – a rather nasty ear infection. I was so bad, I couldn’t hear at all for a couple of days, and struggled to hear anything for five weeks.

To make matters worse, I also suffered with tinnitus – a whistling and ringing sensation in both ears.

Anyhow, I ended up having a course of anti-biotic’s, followed through with regular olive oil ear drops.

Then, as soon as I had my Ears irrigated, I was finally relieved of my discomfort.

You can only imagine how pleased I was.

In truth, my face wasn’t big enough to contain the expansive smile.


Sure-enough! I was super happy!

Now, don’t get me wrong, and don’t let me puzzle you. I wasn’t grumpy! Far from it!

I’m often reminded – a cheerful disposition is good for your health, gloom and doom leave you bone-tired!

But, being totally blind and virtually deaf was no “smooth-sailing” experience.

Yet, in the moments of trying to communicate with my lovely Rachel, and the times I got it wrong, we still managed to have a good laugh.

So much frivolity!

Hence, the theme for this week.

One of the most vitalizing and energizing things in my experience is a burst of deep, loud, hearty laughter.

You know the type I mean. Belly-laugh!
Nothing alleviates strain and stress so speedily and entirely as a good old laugh!

Admittedly, what we laugh at tells a lot about our character.

But consider this, God’s colours blaze through when we laugh.

Without exaggeration, He thinks we’re a blast!

Face it, friends, He’s crazy about us!

Yes, that’s right!

Envision the smile-producing affirmation!

We make Him laugh.

We bring Him joy.

Now, that’s a thought.

And here’s another:

Life at times – can be concerned with work or important matters, rather than play or trivialities!

Agree? Agree!

So, let’s learn to unwind.

Take it easy.

Chill-out. Relax.

Have a belly-laugh at those funny “roller-coaster” adventures.

Regain renewed energy and strength.



Smile out loud, and let that smile burst!

Stop taking life so seriously!

Laugh together!

Turn cartwheels of joy!

Be exuberant about life!

Engulfed in joy and love, love life, live loved!

Proverbs 17:22

Zephaniah 3:17

Psalm 126:1-6

Habakkuk 3:18

The Message.

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