Cooking In The Dark

Cooking In The Dark:

After totally loosing my eye sight and enduring many years of illness, including renal failure and transplants, it took sometime before I could muster the energy and enthusiasm to help out with any home chores.

Furthermore; due to my illness, I was not use to having the opportunity to cook any meals.

I was use to my wife preparing all of our food.

Nevertheless; one day; I decided to surprise my wife by taking the opportunity to cook some beef-burgers with french fries and salad.

I prepared the salad and cooked some fries in the microwave.

The beef-burgers needed to be cooked in a pan and so after taking the beef-burgers out of the freezer, I placed them into the hot pan.

Everything seemed to be going fairly okey-dokey. The salad was presented on the plates, the fries didn’t need much attention and the beef-burgers appeared to be cooking quite well in the pan.

However, the beef-burgers didn’t seem to be sizzling much, but this didn’t seem to delay the progress.

Eventually I was ready to add the beef-burgers to the awaiting salad and french fries.

All seemed to be complete.

Full of excitement I hurriedly called my wife to come and eat the prepared meal.

I had already got my fork ready to poke into the beef-burgers, but couldn’t understand why the beef-burgers was so hard!

Trying to refrain from laughing, my wife informed me, “Dear, you’ve done a lovely job, but the beef-burgers aren’t beef-burgers, they’re crumpets!!” [English muffins!]