Funny Episodes

Taking time-out to laugh about funny moments.

Paws 4 Thought

Paws 4 Thought: Rula: A Labrador -golden retriever,with medium length ginger hair covering most of her body, had deep brown eyes, a pink nose and shades of cream hair around her feet, tail and chest. She was introduced to me in the Christmas of 1994, but we weren’t to meet again until our training in… Read more Paws 4 Thought

Cooking In The Dark

Cooking In The Dark: After totally loosing my eye sight and enduring many years of illness, including renal failure and transplants, it took sometime before I could muster the energy and enthusiasm to help out with any home chores. Furthermore; due to my illness, I was not use to having the opportunity to cook any… Read more Cooking In The Dark

Close Encounter

Close Encounter: In the early days of becoming a blind man, I had to undergo some extensive training, which included living skills, white cane training, audio typing and so on. Anyhow, as part of my white cane training: One day I was progressing along a paved area parallel to the side of a roadway. My… Read more Close Encounter

Precious Moments

Precious Moments: I delight far more in what you tell me about living – than in gathering a pile of riches!1. Living a story worth telling: The primary and junior school was built on the side of a hill in a Welsh coal mining community. It was quite a modern building for the area. It… Read more Precious Moments