Perfectly Safe

Perfectly Safe:

“As a large bird of pray protects its young with its graceful wings and teaches the manoeuvres of flight, so God forms a cover over me and enables me to withstand attacks. His constant loyalty has concealed me from danger and harm.”

Psalm Ninety-one.

In recent times, I was reminded of an incident which took place in Sydney in 2008 – when an Australian father and his baby son had a miraculous escape.

As my memory was refreshed by the story: The father shielded his baby son with his arms as a speeding vehicle collided into them as they walked along a thoroughfare.

I can recall news broadcasters showing film of the instant when the out of control car went up the kerb and ploughed in to the father who was holding his baby son in his arms.

What is more, as I recall the detail of this incident, it still takes my breath away!


To get to the heart of the story here, as the car moved towards them, the father, as a matter of parental instinct, turned his back to shield and protect his son – taking the full impact himself – an impact that forced him against a wall.

He knew that he may have been able to survive the impact, but if the vehicle had hit his baby son, well, there was no chance!

Yet, through it all, the baby was safe in his father’s arms. His arms protected his son.

As a result, the father was trapped, fixed and wedged against the wall.

But unfortunately, the force of the impact broke his leg!

Nevertheless, immediately after the impact, with steadiness of mind, he was still able to hand his son over to a passer-by.

Apparently, the father with his son had been walking along the thoroughfare – when the driver of the vehicle had a heart attack at the wheel. The driver, an elderly man, has since recovered.

And, amazingly, the baby boy escaped without a mark.

Praise God!

As I reflect upon this incident, I’m reminded of the words by the Psalmist David, who encourages us to say this: “God, you’re my refuge. I trust in you and I’m safe!”

That’s right! God, our Heavenly Father, rescues us from hidden traps, shields us from deadly hazards.

His huge outstretched arms protect us – under them we’re perfectly safe; His arms fend off all harm.

Thank You Father.

You’re amazing!

You’re amazing, You are, and we praise You.



Psalm Ninety-one.

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