Tough Stuff.

Tough Stuff:

Some time ago when I was a much younger man, I was invited to a meal at a friend’s home.

My friends, an older couple, did things in a most prim and proper manner.

On this occasion they had prepared roast beef with all the trimmings.

This was fine dining for me in those days.

My hosts had extended themselves particularly for me that day.

And I felt very blessed to be their guest.

As I was leisurely eating this fine meal, munching through the main course, I bit into a piece of meat that seemed impossible to manoeuvre in my mouth.

I tried to break it down, chewing as carefully and forcefully as I could.

But to no avail.

The more I chewed and gnawed at this piece of meat, the tougher it seemed to become and the more my jaw ached.

My teeth were hurting too!

What a dilemma!

This gruelling experience lasted only for a few minutes, but it seemed, at the time, never ending.

Finally, I had to accept the fact that I could not manipulate that piece of meat – no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried.

In hindsight, it never dawned on me – my hosts were probably enduring the same predicament.


As acknowledged, I didn’t fully understand the nature of the event, until way after it had happened.

What started out to be an easy conquest, developed into something that seemed to have an inadequate ending.

Have you ever had similar experiences?


Well, on certain occasions, we just have to determine which way will serve all those involved best and hurt us least.

That’s the route I took.

I’m feeling no doubt that most of us have had similar experiences throughout life.

There are times when things simply seem unjust, or appear unfair.

That’s the way life is.


Perhaps, in certain cases, it’s hard not to question life’s fairness.

But, once again, God has the whole picture!

Think about it.

Each of us have been handed a separate piece of our own personal jigsaw puzzle.

Only God has the lid of the box.

That’s the wonderful consolation in any situation – God knows all things.

He sees the whole picture.

Even when we feel He is not in the picture there at the time, He knows exactly how and why things happen as they do.

What a comfort we have – when we realize God knows the story from beginning to end.

And He understands what we’re going through – no matter how tough!

All the same, our faith in Him and faith in ourselves through Him helps us know that things don’t always turn out as we (humans that we are) expect them to.

Still, as human beings, we must remind ourselves always to relax and trust Him and be glad that He has the whole picture.

So, rather than chewing over again on that problem, let Him find the solution, and help you to resolve things.

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Modified June 2013:

This E-word is dedicated to the late Eddie & Marjorie Watkins – the couple mentioned in this post.

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